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5 Takeaways from Listening to 'Dark Side of the Moon' High for the First Time

Some people did puzzles. Some people got really into doing TikTok dances. Some people baked bread. For me, the lockdown days of the pandemic found me getting baked for the first time ever. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “How does someone wait until their mid-thirties to explore the world of cannabis?” The answer is quite simple: In my late teens, I tried weed and it made me super-paranoid. As a result, I kept a safe distance from it for well over a decade and just rolled with alcohol if I wa

Taylor Hawkins Grammy Tribute: Disappointing, But Not Surprising

Ideally, the rock world should be spending the day after the 2022 Grammy Awards talking about how great the Foo Fighters’ performance was on “Music’s Biggest Night” and how the band swept the rock Grammy category. But alas, the tragic, sudden passing of drummer Taylor Hawkins has many revisiting the familiar feeling of disappointment that rockers know all too well post-Grammy Awards in recent years. Hawkins’ passing on March 25 followed by the Foo Fighters officially pulling out of their perfor

'My Cousin Vinny': 15 Hilarious Quotes from the Iconic Comedy

My Cousin Vinny hit theaters on March 13, 1992. While it would go on to gross a respectable $52.9 million at the box office, the comedy took on a life of its own thanks to film rentals and countless airing on cable. The film was anchored by outstanding performances from Joe Pesci as the titular Vinny Gambini, who is called upon by his cousin Bill (Ralph Macchio) to represent him and his friend, Stan (Mitchell Whitfield), in a trial for a murder they did not commit. My Cousin Vinny would also s

50 Best Power Ballads of All Time

Power ballads: They’re some of music’s most powerful expressions, and while their popularity exploded in the ‘80s, they can be found in multiple decades as is evident in our list. According to Cambridge University Press’ academic journal Popular Music, “The power ballad has become a mainstay of popular music since the 1970s…The songs are defined by the use of both a musical formula based on constant escalation and an expressive formula that combines the euphoric uplift created by rousing music

Winter Olympics 2022: Best and Worst Country Fashion Choices

The Winter Olympic Games in Beijing started two days prior to the Opening Ceremony, but the event is the official start of the Olympics. The biggest highlight is the “Parade of Nations” in which each country competing enters Olympic Stadium led by their nation’s flag while also donning a special outfit. However, not every Olympic outfit is created equal. For some fashion fun, here are some superlative fashion awards from the Opening Ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.

Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours': 30 Facts About the Iconic Album

Rumours, the landmark album from Fleetwood Mac, is an absolute monster, both critically and commercially. There are countless breakup songs across the musical landscape, but Rumours — released on February 4, 1997 — is much more than that; it’s a breakup album that happens to be dripping with the band’s coked-out excess. The making of Rumours, of course, is famous for everyone in the band breaking up with each other and its other “indulgences.” (AKA: So much cocaine it would make Tony Montana bl
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