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Facts About Ruby Soho That Only Hardcore Fans Know

Facts About Ruby Soho That Only Hardcore Fans Know Ruby Soho has been active in wrestling for well over a decade. Tough and tattooed, Soho's career has seen her travel all over the world, carrying a punk ethos wherever she went. Now in AEW, she became an immediate fan favorite on the roster the moment she debuted as the "Joker" in the Casino Battle Royal at 2021's All Out. When you have Rancid endorsing you and providing you with your entrance music, it's pretty easy to turn heads and make new f

Why I Miss Eddie Van Halen More Than Certain Dead Relatives of Mine

Like everyone else in the world, I’ve experienced my share of loss. Also, like everyone else in the world, I’ve experienced my share of what I’ll refer to as “complicated loss.” For the purposes of this article, “complicated loss” is that murky situation when a relative or other prominent figure in your life dies, but your relationship/feelings about said figure aren’t very “sunshine and lollipops.”

Times WWE Inflated The WrestleMania Attendance Record

Since its inception, WrestleMania has always been about grandeur. From the card to its celebrity guests to its overall presentation, size has always mattered. It's not surprising attendance figures have been somewhat of an obsession for the WWE and its fans throughout WrestleMania's history. That said, it's also not surprising most of those attendance figures are usually inflated. In some cases, those figures are more inflated than you'd think. In 2019, Brandon Thurston from Wrestlenomics shared

Wrestlers Who Tried Their Hand At Politics

Wrestlers Who Tried Their Hand At Politics Professional wrestling is rife with stories about wrestlers "politicking" backstage in order to move up in the ranks or to keep their main event status in any given company. Some of wrestling's most prolific names are at the center of many of the biggest examples of backstage politicking from Hulk Hogan to John Cena. Considering this, it's no wonder a number of wrestlers have attempted a career in actual politics. In some cases, this happens following a

Rye the Lightning: 5 Things to Know Before Trying Metallica's Latest Spirit

Metallica, like many other bands, expanded their portfolio by entering the spirit game with their brand Blackened American Whiskey. Since launching in 2018, Blackened American Whiskey has won a number of awards and has introduced a variety of offerings with their latest being a Kentucky straight rye double cask finished whiskey aptly named Rye The Lightning. At the helm of Rye The Lightning is Master Distiller & Blender Rob Dietrich, a man who loves the craft of making whiskey as much as he lov

Dexter Holland & 4 Other Commencement Speeches from Rock Stars

‘Tis the season…graduation season, that is. From high school to college, many students are now celebrating their hard work by donning their cap and gown and receiving their diplomas. For some very lucky grads, their commencement will feature a speech from a high-profile figure, from distinguished alumni to heads of state and even heads of rock bands. In honor of graduation season, check out these great commencement speeches from some of the biggest names in rock.

'Exile on Main St.': A Track Breakdown of the Classic Rolling Stones Album

From 1968-1972, The Rolling Stones released four albums that not only are considered the best work of their career but some of the best albums in rock history. With the release of Exile On Main St., the final album (a double album, no less) helped close out that truly epic tetralogy in the grandest of fashion that only the Stones could accomplish. While we all know the origin story of the band fleeing to Keith Richards’ rented villa in the South of France as a result of Britain’s tax laws on hi

Duran Duran: Ranking the 7 Music Videos of 'Rio'

Duran Duran released their second album Rio on May 10, 1982. Even decades after its release, Rio can still be found at the intersection of style and substance. It’s pop/rock perfection in a lean nine-track package that can still cause the masses to dance their asses off while also finding time for introspection. Perhaps the prime examples of the album’s mix of style and substance came with its music videos, which thanks to the launch of MTV, helped catapult Duran Duran to stardom not just in th
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