Metallica: All Songs Ranked Worst to Best

Metallica is one of the most revered bands of all time with a catalog any up-and-coming band could only dream of having. It’s impossible imagining the rock/metal landscape without them. With this in mind, we did a deep dive on the mighty Metallica catalog focusing only on albums/EPs with new material (sorry, Garage Inc.) but excluding Lulu, their infamous 2011 collaboration with Lou Reed for obvious reasons (not sorry about that.) Buckle in for a wild ride that will likely get very opinionated

21 Best Rock Songs About Drinking/Booze

Pull up a stool and start running a tab, because we’re diving into one of rock’s most popular topics: Alcohol. From beer to wine to spirits, there are countless songs in rock history about drinking. Some of these songs are upbeat, while others are dark. Regardless, many have resonated with fans spanning multiple generations. When it comes to songs about booze, which ones are the best? Surely, that’s a great debate to be had sitting at any bar. Whether you find this list while at your favorite

Duran Duran: Ranking the 7 Music Videos of 'Rio'

Duran Duran released their second album Rio on May 10, 1982. Even decades after its release, Rio can still be found at the intersection of style and substance. It’s pop/rock perfection in a lean nine-track package that can still cause the masses to dance their asses off while also finding time for introspection. Perhaps the prime examples of the album’s mix of style and substance came with its music videos, which thanks to the launch of MTV, helped catapult Duran Duran to stardom not just in th

50 Best Power Ballads of All Time

Power ballads: They’re some of music’s most powerful expressions, and while their popularity exploded in the ‘80s, they can be found in multiple decades as is evident in our list. According to Cambridge University Press’ academic journal Popular Music, “The power ballad has become a mainstay of popular music since the 1970s…The songs are defined by the use of both a musical formula based on constant escalation and an expressive formula that combines the euphoric uplift created by rousing music
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