50 Best Power Ballads of All Time

Power ballads: They’re some of music’s most powerful expressions, and while their popularity exploded in the ‘80s, they can be found in multiple decades as is evident in our list. According to Cambridge University Press’ academic journal Popular Music, “The power ballad has become a mainstay of popular music since the 1970s…The songs are defined by the use of both a musical formula based on constant escalation and an expressive formula that combines the euphoric uplift created by rousing music

Bob’s Burgers: All Thanksgiving Holiday Episodes Ranked

Bob’s Burgers has become a beloved part of Fox’s Animation Domination lineup on Sunday nights. Now in its 12th season, one of its seasonal highlights every year is seeing how the Belcher family takes on the holiday season, including some hilarious Thanksgiving shenanigans that are always a hit with fans. There have been eight different Thanksgiving-themed episodes in Bob’s Burgers history. In honor of the pending Thanksgiving holiday, we look back on those episodes and ranked them. Order up!

AC/DC’s ‘Back In Black’: Every Song Ranked from Great to Greatest

There are big albums, there are monster albums and then there’s AC/DC’s Back In Black, which in terms of grandness is like Godzilla on HGH. The landmark album turns 40 on July 25, but frankly, it feels weird attaching a number to a work like this. Why? Because it’s timeless. It’s never lost its sense of cool, nor has it really aged or become “dated.” In the decades since its release, it’s evolved from being an album to essentially being a rock and roll starter kit. Know a young kid ju

Guns N' Roses: All 87 Songs Ranked

Guns N’ Roses’ 2020 North American summer tour would’ve kicked off today (July 8), but, obviously, you know why those plans have changed. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has altered countless touring schedules, and without a doubt, GN’R’s tour would’ve been one of the biggest parties this summer. However, all of that still doesn’t mean we can’t honor one of the biggest bands of all time with an epic list. Below is a ranking of all 87 songs that make up the Guns N’ Roses catalog. (Some random
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